Fast Forward [EP] Previews – Auvic

Fast Forward Extended Play
Track List:
1. Let’s Go, Let’s Go (feat. Pipo Fernandez)
2. You’d Never Know
3. Swing Out, Jive In (feat. Pipo Fernandez)
4. Feelin’ Good (feat. Genius Package)

This is a preview of my first solo EP titled ‘Fast Forward.’ Currently, it is unsigned and unmastered (temporary ‘mastering’ applied for previews), and I am looking for a label to work with. So if you are a label and you’d be interested in working with me with the release, hit me up! SoundCloud messages are good, and my e-mail is fine as well.

Temu- Rise of The NecroDancer EP

Temu joins Lowtemp with an assortment of previously unreleased tracks from his vaults that will certainly make any funk aficionado out there jump for joy. From the relaxed grooves of ‘Who Funkin’ and ‘Boogaloo Blues’, to uptempo rockers like ‘Magic & Sorcery’ and pure funk of his ‘Ode to Bootsy’, he’ll have you dancing in your room in no time. Drawing inspiration from soul, funk, 80’s electro and more, Temu masterfully stires them all into a unique cocktail of 21st Century P-Funk.

Funkier then the milk you left out last Tuesday


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