Monista – For Mass

Monista brings some artilery to the table with his lastest release “For Mass”This one went straight to the “party” playlist -infectious party starting grooves combined Intricate Synth work and staunch bass lines. Featuring plenty of live instruments and some wonderful vocals throughout.

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Joman – Breach EP

Prepare for a funky liftoff into the borders of space and time with Joman’s new “Breach” EP! With two insane tracks, the Colorado native brings all the energy you can handle with this EP. It’s a healthy dose of mega-explosive bass music that promises sounds from space to accommodate the filthiest wobble attacks you’ll find.

“Event Horizon” is the first track here and it’s a must-hear tune for any fan of glitch hop. With a perfect drum beat and cool melodic breakdowns, it’s a single that meets somewhere between an uncertain apocalypse and a galactic adventure. Few tracks in EDM merge dubstep and glitch hop together better than the second track, “Tesseract,” which flows with melty wobbles into a progressive space burst. Even the transitions in this track sound like time warps and chaotic change-ups.

Grid Division – Tales of a Mud Slug

The goal is to tickle your mind with his funky melodic basslines and the Oakland, California native has reached the summit of “feel-good funk mountain” with the new four-track “Tales of a Mud Slug” EP. Put this one on to start your day with and watch things evolve into a groovy space jam.

The journey starts with “Slug Life,” which some tasty, retro-sounding synth chords and a ridiculous mash of melodic glitch and gritty disco. The second track oozes into a hip hop vibe with “Slug on the Town,” reminding everyone of the West Coast beats we all know and love. “Kent the Slug” weaves in and out sample chopping and weird electro builds, flowing into another funk jam that lasts over 5 minutes and 20 seconds of gripping drops. The final track is the most experimental, extraterrestrial midtempo track on the EP – filled with interesting sounds. Listen now and grab these tunes!

Stepcat – The Jitterbug EP

In a few years, it will be the 20’s all over again… and the jazz and funk is coming back tenfold! The 4th cousin of glitchy swing and the unheralded funk master who goes by “Dave” is set to make his mark with the project “Stepcat” and we couldn’t be more excited based on his first ever release – the “Jitterbug” EP. Hold on to your hat and prepare for a new definition of glitch hop – one that requires a refined definition for bass music.

Funkier then the milk you left out last Tuesday


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