Twins Are Loud – Outcast

Experimental and edgy, Twins are Loud have pushed the boundaries of the genre here, but still remained faithful to their roots. Reminiscent of an some of the old Edit and Kraddy releases, with precision audio edits not unlike Aphex Twin and Mr Bill, the technical prowess of this production is something not seen since reso’s latest album.

AK Sediki & Otist Reading – Toppin’ It


A collar between these two is like Johnny Depp and Leonardo Di caprio having an illegitimate love child, I’d say more, but seriously, you just have to check it out.




R.O. – Interstellar (Free Download)

Bringing a grit and bounce to neurofunk that we didn’t know could exist, Interstellar is a Free release from R.O that’s available now through upscale recordings, check it out now!

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Soundcloud: @olivierugi

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Hifibration EP

Twizted Lotus Presents to you a special release … Available for free download exclusive to Soundcloud and Bandcamp on 11th sept. ‘Hifibration’ , is Josh Barr Aka ‘Neurorythmic’ s, glitch hop/ bass music side project .. With an accumulation of funk infused bass music , Hifibration is sure to put a smile on ya dial and get ya shuffling ya feet that makes ya wanna get up outta ya seat !!

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