Temu- Rise of The NecroDancer EP

Temu joins Lowtemp with an assortment of previously unreleased tracks from his vaults that will certainly make any funk aficionado out there jump for joy. From the relaxed grooves of ‘Who Funkin’ and ‘Boogaloo Blues’, to uptempo rockers like ‘Magic & Sorcery’ and pure funk of his ‘Ode to Bootsy’, he’ll have you dancing in your room in no time. Drawing inspiration from soul, funk, 80’s electro and more, Temu masterfully stires them all into a unique cocktail of 21st Century P-Funk.

Zuu Music – Subculture EP

An incredibly articulated EP from Zuu Music. Combining authentic live analogue production with modern electronic hip hop.

Free to download, or name your price. This man deserves every ounce of your support –iamzuumusic.bandcamp.com/album/subculture

C2 in the h@ – Sax Party feat. Mr Switch

“We popped round C@ in the H@’s gaff for a bit of knees up with him and fellow ‘100% Animal’ lover Mr. Switch (4x World DJ Champion) the other night, and soon discovered we’d landed in a veritable menagerie of extreme animalistic mentalness. The man himself is a cross between Dr Teeth from the muppets and Dr Doolittle from……the famous film. We parked up in his garage and were met by a Gnu in a Shoe sniffing glue; had our coats taken by an electric Pig in a Wig; went for a pee and were met by a Giraffe in a scarf in the Bath; had some dinner and found Gary Busey crouching in the sushi. The C@ was insistent on lounging in his studio in a pair of leopard skin speedos, whilst teaching a fox to box and a lynx to kill JarJar Binx – hooray! He soon booted us out for not having any fresh skills to teach to his animals, so we nabbed this massive little ‘Sax Party’ gem of theirs on our way out – rest assured, we can guarantee no animals were rhymed in any way!” – Fat Harry.


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