Hifibration EP

Twizted Lotus Presents to you a special release … Available for free download exclusive to Soundcloud and Bandcamp on 11th sept. ‘Hifibration’ , is Josh Barr Aka ‘Neurorythmic’ s, glitch hop/ bass music side project .. With an accumulation of funk infused bass music , Hifibration is sure to put a smile on ya dial and get ya shuffling ya feet that makes ya wanna get up outta ya seat !!

Knight Riderz – Just Above The Clouds ft. Vokab Kompany

When I got sent this promo, I couldn’t believe it, Knight Riderz where already one of the most creative artists in the industry- innovative basslines and genius rythms laced with their meticulous synth sound design and tight as hell production. And their up coming EP blows all of their previous work right out of the water, hip hop, deep house, glitch hop, there’s something for everyone in this release, out monday the 7th of July, you’d best be on it son.

4bstr4ck3r – Glitch Me Like One Of Your French Girl

Classic 4bstr4ck3r here, low key, sexy, squelchy glitch, something that gets you grooving from side to side. Featuring some lovely vocal chops that just breathe life into this track, and hundreds of cheeky little stabs that fly in and out of the mix, this is a tune where you just have to appreciate the production quality, and the skill and maturity of the artist.


Available now for purchase!

Beatport: btprt.dj/1t2wVFa
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/glitch-…=4&at=11lHt7

Guggenz – Analog Avenue

artworks-000078635851-xpum1y-t500x500In a world of wubs, squeels and over the top distortion, Guggenz’ EP “Analog Avenue” is a breathe of fresh air.  If obnoxious, over the top, Skrillex-esque screech-hop isn’t your thing, You’ll love this release, it’s full of sexy guitar edits, quirky vocal chops, and staunchy, syncopated basslines, almost bringing a French electro vibe and fusing it with our favourite mid tempo vibes. Guggenz is definitely one to be keeping your eye on.

Download his Free EP here!

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